IFOP participation at  6th Physical Oceanography, Meteorology and Eastern South PacificClimate  Congress
30 November, 2022

IFOP participation at 6th Physical Oceanography, Meteorology and Eastern South PacificClimate Congress

December 5th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Fisheries Development Institute Oceanography and Climate group Researchers belonging to Patagonia Coastal Research Systems Center based in Putemún (Castro), participated during the week of November 21rst to 25th, in the Eastern South Pacific physical oceanography meteorology and climate 6th edition congress. This event was organized by the Ocean-Atmosphere Dynamics Working Group (DOCA) of National Oceanographic Committee (CONA) and Universidad de Los Lagos i-mar Center this important congress took place Puerto Montt’s Arena facilities. IFOP’s scientists presented through oral presentations and posters part of their research, mainly focused on the country’s southern seas oceanographic processes research.

Osvaldo Artal, PhD in Physical Sciences, orally presented the presentation entitled Tidal variability effect on a constriction system water column stratification which shows how the water column is completely mixed every 15 days during periods of syzygy regulating water exchange between of the Corcovado Gulf and Ancud Gulf basin through Paso Desertores.

The poster works were in charge of Carolina Medel ( Dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella Numerical modeling), Oliver Venegas (MOSA-WRF operational forecast), Luis Avello (CRUISES: An online catalog of oceanographic and atmospheric information within CHONOS), Camila Soto (Wind influence on residual circulation in Patagonian Channels and Fjords) and Cristian Ruiz (Sea ice record; Hydrographic comparison and double diffusion; Navarro fjord case study, Seno Skyring, Magallanes).

In addition Oceanography and Climate group, represented by Cristian Ruiz and Pablo Reche, presented the special session “Knowing Chilean Patagonia oceanographic observation system. CHONOS, with the aim of making the audience aware CHONOS IFOP’s oceanographic information system new version. This new version, in addition to improvements over existing applications, incorporates the novelty of a new start interface that allows more intuitive and dynamic access to information and a new tool for cataloging oceanographic observations and measurements, named CRUISES.

Complementing CHONOS oceanographic portal difussion IFOP Oceanography and Climate group set up a stand to promote this web platform and to answer questions from congress participants. In the words of Luis Avello “During the duration of the congress and particularly after the special session IFOP stand was well received with numerous participants interested in learning more about CHONOS oceanographic platform environmental information.”

One of the congress conferences (Using current model results in Norwegian salmon industry management) was given by Lars Asplin, a Norway Marine Research Institute (IMR) researcher who showed interest to visit Putemún (Castro) IFOP facilities after the congress. During this visit visions and methodologies were exchanged on common themes between Chile and Norway, especially in terms of industry management due to biosanitary problems related to pathogens spread in salmon farming. According to Pablo Reche, Lars Asplin’s visit “was a great opportunity to learn about Norway’s reality especially in salmon farming associated problems which are in many aspects similar to what happens in Chile since IMR has extensive experience solving these challenges through oceanographic numerical modeling”.

Lars’s visit was possible thanks to ” BIOGEOCHEMICAL RIVER INPUT INTO FJORD SYSTEMS ROLE MODELLING IN CHILEAN PATAGONIA” Fondecyt project led by PhD. Andrés Sepúlveda and as co-investigator PhD. Osvaldo Artal from IFOP.

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