IFOP updates Macrofauna.cl website
1 February, 2021

IFOP updates Macrofauna.cl website

February 9th, 2021 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Macrofauna.cl is constituted as an online taxonomic information system, whose information aims to be a guide in various taxa identification (it is a group of related organisms), that make up macrofauna, to serve as support to personnel in charge of preparing environmental reports and for those professionals who carry out macrobenthos analysis, both nationally and globally.

The macrofauna.cl website was created by Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP, Puerto Montt headquarters) environment department in 2007, and uploaded to its website in 2009, since then we have worked hard to identify hundreds of species, increased from 340 to 401 taxa distributed in various categories. The taxon with the greatest representativeness are polychaetes (131 taxa; 113 recognized at the species level) followed by mollusks (127 taxa, 91 at the species level) and crustaceans (122 taxa, 89 at the species level).

Worldwide classifications have undergone changes over time, there are new species publications; species that have been changed in category, description and / or others redescription, this has led us to a website redesign and update. It currently has a design with simple lines and easy navigation, each group of interest (Polychaetes, Mollusks and Crustaceans) is presented in an independent tab, where the collection of species distributed in a dendrogram appears, in each table the information is provided for each of the families, genera and species identified, described or cited for Chile. The glossary and bibliography for each group are also described. There are three more tabs: one for general information, another for diffusion and another for contact.

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