Successful work week  in Aysén associated with the Small Pelagics and Benthic Crustaceans Monitoring Programs
23 May, 2023

Successful work week in Aysén associated with the Small Pelagics and Benthic Crustaceans Monitoring Programs

May 29th, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

During the past week, researcher, Karen Walker, in charge of the Central South Zone Small Pelagic Monitoring Program, and Paulo Mora, researcher of the Benthic Crustacean Fisheries Program, were working with their teams in Aysén.

On the occasion, Paulo Mora held two training days for artisanal fishermen from Puerto Aysén and Puerto Cisnes, representatives of the Crustacean and Crab Management Committee of the Aysén Region, within the framework of the GEF Technical Assistance Coastal Marine Governance.

Researcher, Paulo Mora, explained “it is important that Aysén Region developed projects have IFOP researchers’s support of. In particular, training workshops that were held for the members of management committee were very well received, and were considered very significant as support to enhance the work they do in preparing their management plans.”

Karen Walker held a methodological review workshop on pelagic fisheries, with the assistance of scientific observers and professionals from INDESPA and the Aysén Zonal Fisheries Directorate, which ended with a practical workshop for scientific observers led by Ramona Huilquiruca, scientific observer from Los Lagos Region.

In addition, Karen Walker, José Ojeda and Alejandra Lafon Head of the Aysén Headquarters, together with professionals from SERNAPESCA and Fisheries Zonal Directorate, visited Graneros de Fiordo Austral plant in Puerto Chacabuco. There they were received by their Operations Manager Arturo Ramírez and held an interesting meeting on the operation of the plant and the artisanal sardine fleet in the Aysén Region.

Dr. Alejandra Lafon expressed “very grateful for the week’s work, I think it is very important to communicate our work in Aysén from the first source in the analysis, such as the researchers. I believe that this strengthens our interaction and dialogue with the users and with the team in the water, making our work more powerful.

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