Japanese specialist visits IFOP Datacenter
28 September, 2018

Japanese specialist visits IFOP Datacenter

September 30th, 2018 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Dr. Mikihiko Kawai is part of Kyoto University Medicine’s Faculty Microbiology Department, Japan . His trip is within the framework of SATREPS MACH (https://www.mach-satreps.org), algae monitoring project development in Chile, whose main objective is detection and monitoring methods for harmful algae flowering development for sustainable aquaculture and coastal fisheries in Chile.

His tour focused on knowing IFOP Information Technology Department team potentialies and available infrastructure, which are part of the technological proposal in terms of power, and in the near future, to host servers that will be used for data processing and results presentation to the community.

In the activity, Dr. Kawai, in addition to making a detailed presentation to IFOP staff on the scope and requirements of the project in computer terms, commented ” IFOP’s Information Technologies Department, has supported computer facilities for simulation of models and results representation for the world. In addition, I am very impressed by high standards seen in the facilities, which is necessary for equipment maintenance specially designed for the project ”

Andrés García, Information Technology Department head, added “thanks to IFOP’s efforts regarding implementation and maintainance a first-class infrastructure, such as IFOP Datacenter, allows us to house equipment for such important international projects. Among which Chile and Japan jointly participate, which 4 universities and two governmental organizations

The next steps are IFOP’s information systems review and this could make available to the project for its use, collecting information from 8 information sampling points on microorganisms and other environmental records. “

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