International Congress on Fisheries was carried out at At Riga, Latvia
28 September, 2016

International Congress on Fisheries was carried out at At Riga, Latvia

September 30th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Dr. Carlos Montenegro and Carolina Lang A. from IFOP attended to the Congress

Between September 19 and 23 in Riga, Latvia (Baltic Sea), the Annual Science Conference was held, (Annual Science Conference,) was organized by the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea). The international scientific and fishing community participated in the event.


Dr.Carlos Montenegro

Carlos Montenegro, Head of the Fisheries Assessment Department of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero said “I came to know what is being done, specifically in the ecosystem management of fisheries. The topics to be discussed are diverse, with 18 thematic sessions, in which the most prevalent are dedicated to different aspects of fisheries management based on ecosystems.

Attendance at these conferences is essential to learn from the experiences of other countries and in particular from other institutions and groups of fisheries research in the world, on how they have addressed a complex subject, such as ecosystem-based fisheries management.”

Carolina Lang, researcher at the Direct Assessment Department of IFOP added: “We performed two works: the first entitled” Variation of relative abundance and spatial distribution of Jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi, Nichols, 1920) offshore in the Central South of Chile” carried out jointly with the researcher Javier Legua, showing the use of fishing vessels as a scientific platform, this is part of a project in charge of the institution, in which activities are carried out in order to understand the reproductive dynamics of horse mackerel, unique for its wide spatial coverage, mainly in the western sector, reaching until 1000 mn off the coast of Chile, and the simultaneous use of at least 6 fishing vessels with acoustic equipment, commonly operate in the fishery for horse mackerel between V and X regions. And the second “Modelled day-night biases in spatial structure of Jack mackerel (Trachurus murphy) in Chile” This work was accomplished jointly by researchers from IFOP (Carolina Lang and Sergio Lillo) and the University of Magdalena, Colombia (Jorge Paramo), which were presented at the session “Fisher Acoustic Collected Data”.


Carolina Lang

“The importance of attending this conference is that is an instance of multidisciplinary participation in the field of marine sciences, promoting the exchange of knowledge, updating and learning; and also an opportunity for extension of institutional work, adding that the presentation of experiences like those of the institution through scientific work helps to increase awareness of the different ecosystems, which makes necessary that more researchers participate in these meetings. In this conference, the incorporation of works related to socio-economic aspects is very important” concluded Carolina.

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