IFOP Outstanding participation in the seventh version of the gastronomic contest “our ocean”
7 November, 2017

IFOP Outstanding participation in the seventh version of the gastronomic contest “our ocean”

November 9th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On October 26th , at Cabo de Hornos Hotel, in Punta Arenas, the seventh version of the gastronomic contest “our ocean” was organized by the Zonal Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture Magallanes. Its objective is to encourage the increase seafood consumption and to learn new ways of preparing them within culinary quality standards as well as to rescue regional cuisine recipes that encourage a healthy and good quality diet and this activity became an excellent opportunity to show off marine resources diversity.

In the activity they had an outstanding participation in the “Amateur” category . Scientific Observers José Pérez with Seafood Stuffed Squid and Miriam Vera with Crab Cake; they were awarded with the best ambience / decoration prize, receiving a diploma and a book.

José Pérez referred to his motivation to participate in the Gastronomic contest, “this relies in the collaborative environment that our institution maintains with Subpesca, and with the community, we participate in different activities linked to the sea so that they know the institute’s work, I am proud to belong to this institution staff and we will continue participating in all the activities that IFOP keeps in the region, besides the contest motivates the consumption of marine products which I found interesting ”

Miriam told us “I presented a dish called ” End of the world crab cake “, I did not get any mention for the dish, but we were recognized for the best setting and table decoration. My personal motivation to participate is always to innovate in the way to show our resources at the table, I prepared crab cake and that is an unprecedented preparation, I think that in presentation and flavor I fulfilled what was expected, however we did not get a prize but it will be our task for next year “

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