Sampling Management Department held annual session of Field Coordinators for benthic fisheries.
6 December, 2016

Sampling Management Department held annual session of Field Coordinators for benthic fisheries.

December 9th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Between November 29 and December 1, in Viña del Mar, the annual meeting of field coordinators for benthic fisheries of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero was held, there all Field Coordinators participated and also the General Coordinator linked to information collection of benthic fisheries.

The activity was inaugurated by the Head of Sampling Management Department, Erick Gaete A, attended also researchers from benthic fisheries monitoring program, Nancy Barahona T., Claudio Vicencio, Oscar Gallo A, and also participated the professional of Benthic Resources Unit of Subsecretaría de Pesca, Lorena Burotto G.

Gonzalo Muñoz H, General Coordinator and aquaculture engineer of IFOP, expressed the importance of field work associated with benthic resources.

“It is a management task aimed at the correct collection of biological and fishing information by the Observers, supporting them technically to follow the methodological design of the project in sampling terms, contacting and interacting with users and agents involved with these fisheries in a comprehensive manner, assuming in this process the inherent responsibilities that include the direct relationship with its observers, training, administration of funds, equipment and necessary inputs for this work.

In regions, it is directed by marine biologists, Nelson Salas J. (Talcahuano) and Carlos Vilches M. (Quellón), marine technicians, Vivian Pezo E. (Ancud) and Jacqueline Parada M. (Punta Arenas) and technicians from the area of Sea Sciences, Carolina Navarro P. (Iquique) and Dagoberto Subiabre M. (P. Montt). ”

Gonzalo explained “during the meetings, partial results were reviewed (first semester) in quantity and quality of the information collected at national level, stressing especially the lack of information and the problem that arises, but also detecting the excesses of records, discussing with these preliminary results, proposals for solutions aimed at improving and optimizing the information collection. ”

For its part, the group of benthic fishery professionals presented papers related to the activity, such as how the Benthic Monitoring is linked to the current Management Plans (Nancy Barahona T.), Information Validation (Claudio Vicencio E.) and, Geographic Information System (GIS) of the project (Oscar Gallo A.). Meanwhile, Lorena Burotto G. (Subpesca), made a complete exposition relative to the history and current situation of the Plans of Management of Benthic Resources.

Finally, the Head of the Department, on the final day, learned of the conclusions derived from each region, personally talked to each Field Coordinator, instructing on immediate solutions and, at the same time, proposing to study ways of solving the situations that required an analysis in the longer term.

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