Image Analysis Course with  Image-Pro software use held at IFOP Talcahuano Headquarters.
18 July, 2023

Image Analysis Course with Image-Pro software use held at IFOP Talcahuano Headquarters.

July 23rd, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Between July 03rd and 07th .”Image Analysis using the Image-Pro software”training was developed at IFOP Talcahuano Headquarters.

Lizandro Muñoz R., laboratory analyst in Age and Growth Section, who has received various international and national training courses in microscopy and image analysis, among others in his curriculum, indicated as course reporter that this is an activity that has been carried out at Human Resources Department request in order to deliver basic microscopy tools pre-acquisition of work images and image analysis tools to Talcahuano Regional Headquarters personnel.

With an attendance of twelve people including researchers, technologists and scientific observers, the training included an introduction to image analysis tools use , but also included real samples provided by attendees themselves, which resulted in a greater and better understanding of the processes that occur from the moment the samples are sent to the laboratories for further analysis. Juan Olivares, Talcahuano Headquarters Head, explained to the attendees what happens with otoliths, how they are treated, how they are analyzed and what type of research is carried out with these samples, which added value to this training.

On the other hand, having samples provided the possibility for the attendees to make a better approach and understanding in microscopy equipment proper use , because they were able to acquire their own images and carry out indicated activities, while the rest of the attendees proceeded to work with their own images from the software. For this reason, this training was developed in an interactive way where if mistakes were made, suggestions for the application of tools were made in order to improve methodologies, but best of all, the participants themselves gave those suggestions, with which it was also possible to go over and over again reviewing the use of the software’s Image Analysis tools.

This training has given the option of forming a good group of people who could develop or collaborate in studies that involve the use of “Image Analysis Research” and which counts onthe fact that it has been completely developed by IFOP staff.

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