School visit scientific vessel “Abate Molina”
13 September, 2016

School visit scientific vessel “Abate Molina”

September 14th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

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Yesterday, last Monday, science workshop of school “Jorge Alessandri Rodríguez” of San Roque, Valparaíso, visited the scientific vessel “Abate Molina” of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero.

On the occasion, students and teachers were received by ship’s captain and the crew who explained the use of each one of vessel equipments.

Leonardo Nunez, Executive Director of IFOP said “We are very pleased to receive children from a science group school since among them we can find for future colleagues, besides being able to see in situ what we do motivates them to greater concern for the environment and for our marine resources; the visit is very entertaining and informative, our professionals strive to answer all questions made by students”
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Ivan Toro, researcher of IFOP and one of the organizers of the visit, said “our department of marine operations has been approximately 15 years receiving institutions which are interested in learning about our work; for us, to reach the scientific student community, both school and university, is essential so as the importance of preservation of our marine resources and environmental protection is known. Also to motivate young people to pursue careers in this field. We hope in the future to continue our program of visits that ultimately is a contribution to the community

Alvaro Perez, Language teacher of the school, said “the visit was very interesting, the selected students are the ones from the science workshop and will perform a work at school on this activity. The purpose is that children learn in a practical way on the issues. It has also served to learn more about IFOP, although we already knew about Abate because at school we had seen the video of the ship, but being here on the vessel is spectacular even for one as adult.”

Alejandra Olivares, teacher of natural sciences at school, said “I’m amazed because children are very happy, also very good attention, the explanation was very clear of what the ship is. Students demonstrate in their faces that was a great time since they have learned and they had fun.”

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