Chile and Peru met for Humboldt GEF Project
26 April, 2017

Chile and Peru met for Humboldt GEF Project

May 4th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Picture credits : Sergio Garcia, PNUD Chile.

Implemented by PNUD Chile. United Nations Development Program in Chile.

The Bi national Chile – Peru workshop from the Project :”Catalyzing the implementation of an Strategic Action Program for sustainable Live Marine Resources Management Shared In Humboldt Tide System” held April 20 and 21 at the CEPAL (Economic Comission for Latin America) offices. This project is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (PNUD) in Chile and the participation of the following Chilean institutions: Fishing and Aquaculture Subsecretariat (SUBPESCA), Fishing Promotion Institute (IFOP, National Fishing and Aquaculture Service (SUBPESCA), Environmental Affairs Ministry (MMA) and Foreign Affairs Ministry (MINEL), while from Peru the participants were : Production Ministry (PRODUCE), Peruvian Ocean Institute (IMARPE), National Service for Protected Zones (SERNANP) Environmental Affairs Ministry (MA) and Foreign Affairs (RR.EE.) . Also PNUD office’s representatives from Peru and Panama Regional Office and GEF (Environmental World Fund as a central Operative focus in Chile.

This workshop objective was to analyze all the project proposal identified components approved by GEF at the end of 2016. To establish a guideline and to define necessary agreements so the consultants team could advance on the preparation of a project document that has to be presented for further GEF approval on February 2018.

The following steps to move forward in this project work plan considers several workshops in Chile and Peru with key participants from the productive area, civilian world, public area and academic world. All related to the project’s expected results. These workshops will be conducted by consultant Segundo Coello (Lead Consultant); Laura Naranjo (Chile’s Coordinator); Mariano Gutiérrez (Peru’s Coordinator) and Gloria Ochoa (Gender Consultant).

The components for this project were determinate in the Strategic Action Program GEF- “Toward an Ecosystemic Approach Management of Humboldt’s tide Big Marine Ecosystem. Being this, one of the main results from this work held between 2011 and 2016. Consultants will have the mission of bringing together opinions and sensibilities from each actor to represents their ideas at the Project Proposal. Considering among other things Gender Equity and Sustainable Development Objectives under the United Nations umbrella.

Components to be considered are:

  • To restore and maintain optimal population levels of main fishing resources considering environmental variability while maintaining ecosystem’s health and productivity .
  • To improve the environmental quality of coastal and marine ecosystem through integrated management considering the different contaminants sources.
  • To restore and maintain the habitat and biodiversity of marine and coastal systems to a sustainable level.
  • Diversify and add value, creating productive opportunities inside and outside the fishing sector, with socially organized and integrated people.
  • Contribute to population’s food safety.
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