The big success of the Interactive Scientific Show of IFOP at Punta Arenas
13 June, 2016

The big success of the Interactive Scientific Show of IFOP at Punta Arenas

June 21st, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez
En la inauguración estuvieron presentes Paul Gnadt Seremi de Economía de Magallanes y Leonardo Núñez Director Ejecutivo de IFOP

At the opening the following people were present: Paul Gnadt Seremi of Economics of Magellan and Leonardo Núñez, Executive Director of IFOP.

On 10 June, at the ice rink of Southern Zone, a diffusion exhibition of the projects being carried out by IFOP was carried out. Subsecretaría de Pesca and Servicio Nacional de Pesca also participated in the exhibition.
During the opening there were present the Seremi of Economics, Paul Gnadt, the Executive Director of IFOP, Leonardo Nunez and the head of IFOP at Magallanes, Erik Daza, plus schools in the area and general public, which enjoyed the opening show. There were also live aquariums for children and young people, who could learn the life cycle of the crab or king crab, showcases with various marine resources and a lot of publicity material; besides coloring books with marine paints and face painter activities for children. Also, it featured stands where issues, such as Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) or “Red Tide” Monitoring of shellfish, fish and shellfish in the region were treated especially.
Paul Gnadt, Seremi of Economics at Magellan region, said “always I thank these instances of diffusion, by which IFOP brings closer marine science to people in a very pedagogical way since here they have the opportunity to see, touch and talk about marine resources. Besides, they can discuss their doubts with IFOP professionals.”
Leonardo Nunez, Executive Director of IFOP commented about “the importance of maintaining a link with the community and show the Institute’s work acquired through the marine resources and deliver this info in a didactic way.”
Erik Daza Base Chief of IFOP said the aim of the show “is spreading to the community IFOP flagship projects in the Magellan region and in an interactive way to know the opinion of the target audience. It is also an instance of integration between science and the community; this is the number 9 release of this show, and has been performed in various public spaces. Our message is to further enhance the show. It is important to note that at the base Punta Arenas, colleagues are committed to 100% with the activity, since all the material that is given is prepared by them. The exhibition is visited by about 1200 people.”
Luis Ormeño, school teacher of Padre Alberto Hurtado school of Punta Arenas, highlighted the educational value of the show “is very interesting for children, as they can know fish and shellfish that exist in our region in a playful and concrete way, that is, they use their senses, as they can see in aquariums and brochures, and they can touch and hear the explanations of IFOP experts.”

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