To celebrate the sea’s month IFOP carries out dissemination activities in schools in Talcahuano and Valparaíso
10 May, 2023

To celebrate the sea’s month IFOP carries out dissemination activities in schools in Talcahuano and Valparaíso

June 5th, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) Talcahuano headquarters, through the management of the Pelagic Discard project, carried out an important dissemination initiative in collaboration with Pencopolitano High School professional technical area, in the month of the sea context.

The activity’s aim was to promote knowledge and the importance of IFOP’s carried out work in fishing and aquaculture research in the country. Through this initiative, IFOP seeks to bring its work closer to the educational community and to promote student interest in the fishing area, with special emphasis on the work of biological-fishery data collection.

During the day, a practical laboratory sampling experience was carried out, in which fourth-year students of the specialty of aquaculture participated. The students had the opportunity to learn from the IFOP experts the sampling techniques used to collect fishing data, as well as learn about some of the work carried out by scientific observers, both in the laboratory and on board the boats.

An educational exhibition divided into three stations was also developed: the first, presented jars with marine fauna, using the conservation in liquids method ; then there was a purse seiner model ; and finally otoliths observation through magnifying glasses, for third-year students and other invited courses. During this activity, the students were able to learn more about the Chilean marine fauna and some internal structures of the fish, such as the otoliths, as well as about the parts that make up the purse seine fishing gear.

The event had the participation of Juan Olivares, of Talcahuano’s headquarters IFOP head, IFOP workers Danilo Oro, Héctor Pastor, Héctor Torres, Verónica Valdevenito, Miguel Vegas, Bastián Muñoz. From the Pencopolitano High School, Alex Diaz its director along with Gabriel Guzmán and Haroldo Tapia.

It is important to highlight the presence of two high school alumni, Adrián Ibieta, IFOP direct evaluation technician and Emilio Acuña, IFOP scientific observer, current workers at the Fisheries Development Institute, who are a reflection of this collaborative work.

These initiatives strengthen ties and motivate future generations of the Pencopolitano High School to learn about the work that is carried out at the IFOP Talcahuano headquarters. In addition, it promotes the importance of fishing and aquaculture through an ecosystemic approach with activities that bring this work closer to the educational community.

In Valparaíso

An informative talk was held on the scientific work of the IFOP Oceanography and Environment Department (DOMA), an event that took place at Crew School premises an activity framed in the month of the sea celebration.

The presentation was given by the researcher Milena Pizarro, with the assistance of Ximena Pezo from IFOP Valparaiso’s Marine Operations department .

Students from 3rd and 4th grade participated, who were explained the different activities that take place on board the institutional Abate Molina ship and the importance of the work of the crew members in carrying out the research cruises.

IFOP has an agreement signed with the crew school through which the students of this school can carry out their professional internships as crew members on the Abate Molina ship.

The relevance of these dissemination activities in schools is to show the institutional work in a practical, playful and pedagogical way to the students and thus encourage respect and care for the ocean and interest in studying careers related to the sea.

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