Johana Ojeda from IFOP, makes a technical visit to the Norce research center based in Bergen Norway
3 July, 2024

Johana Ojeda from IFOP, makes a technical visit to the Norce research center based in Bergen Norway

July 4th, 2024 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The M.Sc. Johana Ojeda P., Senior Researcher of the Department of Environment of the Aquaculture Division, who is currently head of the project: “Monitoring study of the environmental performance of aquaculture in Chile and its effect on the site ecosystems”, made a visit technical to the NORCE Research Center in Bergen (, is one of the largest research organizations in Norway, related to the environment and aquaculture, contributes to research and development of the use and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources on topics such as: sustainable aquaculture, responsible use of biotechnology, freshwater ecology and management of wild salmon, extensive experience in environmental monitoring, etc.

The activity corresponds to one of the objectives of the FIPA 2023-11 PROJECT called “Analysis of the state of national and international knowledge on models implemented for the evaluation of the environmental state of the centers in which salmon farming is developed and the measures adopted to reduce or eliminate sedimentation and accumulation of organic matter in the bottoms.” The objective of the technical visit was to carry out a series of interviews with professionals and researchers related to aquaculture activity, regarding environmental evaluation mechanisms, prevention and mitigation technologies of organic enrichment in the seabed where salmon aquaculture is developed, in addition to visiting laboratories related to the use of sludge from the aquaculture industry.

Johana explained “the experience and information collected about aquaculture activity in Norway is relevant since it allows us to make a comparison with our local aquaculture activity and identify mechanisms or technologies that can be applied in our country. The contact at NORCE was Dr. Lars Ebbesson, director of the Center for Sustainable Aquaculture Innovations, NORCE and Adjunct Professor of the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen, Norway, who coordinated the interviews and visits.”

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