Researchers of IFOP welcomed future marine biologists
11 November, 2016

Researchers of IFOP welcomed future marine biologists

November 14th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez


Young people of Marine Biology career of Universidad de Valparaíso toured the facilities of IFOP accompanied by Professor Fernando Balbontín, where they were able to know how is utilized the data collected along the coast of Chile.

On Thursday, November 10, in Valparaíso, a group of 15 students of Marine biology of Universidad de Valparaiso visited the facilities of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero.

The objective of the activity is to know the work done by the IFOP in the topics covered in the training course of a marine biologist, and for that reason, we chose to talk about oceanography and plankton, age and growth, estimation of quotas / population dynamics. This is the second visit made by this house of studies since during the first semester; a similar activity was carried out with another course.

The students were received by Executive Director of IFOP, Leonardo Núñez, and a team of professionals who made a tour at the laboratories of age and growth, plankton and oceanography and explained each of the scientific works that the Institute perform.

Professor Fernando Balbontín explained “they are marine biology students of third year, and among the subjects they have to know for their training, there are the important institutions in marine sciences of Chile. The visit to the IFOP allows us to know the whole field of fisheries research that is carried out; in this way, they will have a broader vision of what the marine sciences consist of and what possibilities they have to carry out a practice or thesis in this institute.

In addition, the visit made with another group of students in the first semester served with many contacts for the students, since some even embarked on research cruises which is an extraordinary experience for them and they recognize the visit to IFOP almost as a new training course for the excellent level of the presentations given by the professionals of IFOP and for the tour by the laboratories.”

Mauricio Ibarra, IFOP researcher commented: “The presentation will consist of trying to explain in a simple way what is the stock assessment of marine species and what is the objective of carrying it out. Within this context, the idea is to define certain concepts, such as stock, population and effort, among others. In addition to the above, the objective is to show in general the process of stock assessment, the pieces of information that are used to carry out the work, and show some results obtained in some national or international fisheries.

Milena Pizarro, researcher of IFOP concluded “today’s talk dealt with what to do about the section of oceanography and plankton. Students were informed that we participated in most of the hydro acoustics cruises, in addition to the bio-oceanographic monitoring and egg production, method organized by the section, emphasizing that there are frequent outings on the ground during the year to different regions from Chile. They were shown images and videos taken on the ground to show the instruments that are used in these outings and the main products that are obtained with the data in situ and satellite, both physical and biological”.

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