Remote Areas First Aid course was held by IFOP researchers in Putemún
20 July, 2017

Remote Areas First Aid course was held by IFOP researchers in Putemún

July 24th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The workers passed theoretical and practical tests, so they were certified by ECSI (emergency care & safety institute).

Oliver Venegas, Manuel Moya and Patricio Salas, IFOP researchers from Putemún base carried out a WAFA (wilderness First Aid Advanced) certificated advanced first aid course in remote areas.

This course aims to know how to react in emergency case by accident or illness ocurring during research work on board at oceanographic cruises in remote areas.

Manuel Moya explained “it was a didactic and very significant pleasant course, I believe that in our daily work it is very important to have some basic first aid knowledge considering we can suffer different accidents of various kinds and first response is vital in order to give the help to then be attended by specialized personnel, we do know that at the places where we carry out our work, as the course says, first aid in remote areas it is important to have some knowledge since we work in wild places with no facility of urban resources for the immediate emergency response, this means that we can be necessary for anyone who requires it.

What we learned can help us at any time in our lifes, I can be walking in the street and ge tinto an accident, a person passing by can help me. It can be useful everywhere not only at work, we can serve at our homes with simple methods which can save a life. ”

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