IFOP Researcher Catherine González , gives a talk at a Valparaíso school
23 May, 2022

IFOP Researcher Catherine González , gives a talk at a Valparaíso school

November 6th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On Thursday May 19th, Valparaiso’s Pablo Neruda’s school had Month of the Sea Celebration with a marine education activity carried out by IFOP researcher Catherine González, with the school’s teachers collaboration and Momemtum NGO and Oceanosfera Foundation teaching material support.

The activity showed chilean marine ecoregions biodiversity and explained the importance of upwelling in Chile’s marine productivity, the role of the ocean in regulating climate and providing food and oxygen, and the importance of the moon. on tides and the intertidal ecosystem. The students discussed the problems that threaten life in the ocean and how to address them.

For Catherine González “marine education requires interaction between marine science researchers with teachers and education specialists so that marine culture expands and we build a society that is aware of our interdependence with the ocean. In the development of this activity we all learned, researchers, teachers and students. Marine life sustains our life on the planet and society needs to understand it, to know risks and to make timely decisions . Marine literacy or ocean culture promotes the understanding of the influence that the ocean has on our lives and the influence that people have on the ocean.”

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