Fishing Development Institute signs an agreement with Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
22 July, 2021

Fishing Development Institute signs an agreement with Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

July 26th, 2021 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The agreement will favor research collaboration, development of innovative solutions and data analysis for decision-making in fisheries and aquaculture ecosystem.

On Monday, July 19th, an agreement signed between Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) and Uiversidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), through its Engineering and Sciences Faculty (FIC).

In the launching ceremony, carried out via zoom, Luis Parot IFOP Executive Director and on Dean Harald Beyer; on Universidad Adolfo Ibañez behalf , Claudio Osorio Vice-Rector of Viña del Mar Campus,; Engineering and Sciences Faculty Dean Carlos Jerez, and Renato Cabrera Vice-Dean of the same faculty at Viña del Mar Campus,; as well as researchers from the uiversity as well as IFOP researchers.

The agreement is part of IFOP’s objectives of safeguarding its historical, scientific and documentary heritage, bringing it into a digital format and making it available to the State of Chile and the entire scientific community. Likewise, within the framework of this agreement, the UAI -through the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences- will collaborate to achieve efficient data management and achieve levels of analysis that allow to improve research and impact on marine resource management systems..

Harald Beyer, UAI dean, highlighted the scope that this collaboration agreement will allow, based on IFOP data, around intelligent solutions development that improve fishery resources management, allows an integrated management of fisheries and ensure fisheries and aquaculture sustainability. “For the University, the Engineering and Sciences Faculty will actively participate in this effort, whose strategic plan is precisely motivated by the“ Smart + Sustainable ”idea, a concept in which this agreement is inspired. The UAI has developed knowledge, capacity and infrastructure in data science that allows it to achieve leadership in Chile in these matters and to support projects of this nature. In this case, specifically, contributing through the implementation of data management, analysis and storage systems in the cloud that add a lot of value to IFOP data ”.

For Claudio Osorio, UAI,Viña del Mar Campus Vice Dean signing this agreement “will allow us to generate a positive impact on the environment, as well as to contribute to integral and sustainable development of society in our region and in the country, through applied research development , innovation and technological entrepreneurship ”.

In this context, the agreement purpose is to create and maintain a long-term relationship between parties, which encourages and promotes knowledge exchange, related topics excellence research and joint projects development , which enhance and complement both institutions capacities and competencies.

Carlos Jerez, UAI Engineering and Sciences Faculty Dean, added that “from FIC we have a commitment to tools development, knowledge and information for data management in decision-making both in public policies and in private sector and in academy. This agreement motivates us tremendously and it is a mission that we have as a Faculty and that we will support through digitization strategies development, data processing and artificial intelligence so that they can do better management ”.

The parties consider it necessary to provide means to create necessary conditions to design, develop and implement a system that makes IFOP data available, allowing development of research, analysis and the extraction of relevant information for decision-making.

Luis Parot Donoso, IFOP Executive Director, explained Fisheries Development Institute motivation for being part of this agreement. “We have a fisheries and oceanographic biological data base for almost 50 years and it constitutes a unique heritage; therefore it is necessary to recover, protect and dispose for public use ”.

To this end, IFOP, through this agreement, undertakes to make the necessary data available, according to subsequently signed agreements, which will also set the privacy, management and use requirements thereof.

For its part, UAI offers its skills and knowledge in management development and implementation, analysis and data storage systems in the cloud, in order to develop systems that add value to IFOP data. The university will have its best academic and research capacities to respond to the projects that arise within the framework of this agreement.

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