IFOP Talcahuano develops workshop for scientific observers
18 June, 2019

IFOP Talcahuano develops workshop for scientific observers

June 26th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The activity was attended by scientists from Universitdad de Concepción

During two days at IFOP headquarters in Talcahuano, a workshop was held for its workers in order to share experiences, update knowledge of scientific observers and researchers.

Jorge Cornejo, head of Talcahuano headquarters explained: “Due to the need of cotinuously innovate tand improve in areas related to dissemination and training in fisheries, environment issues for scientific observers and all the existing staff, the Scientific-Technical Development (CODECITEC) Committee is created at Talcahuano headquarters. This committee is made up of 15 people, including scientific, administrative, and scientific observers, and is directed by Danilo Oro, Judith Castillo and Aldo Poblete. The organization of the scientific-technical workshopis among this committee’s objectives .

The workshop first day, scientific exhibitions were held, while the second day, classes and workshops were held about different fishing fields of interest. While the activity was done attendees were able to enjoy, an exhibition about marine animals activity that was facilitated by Universidad de Concepción zoology museum .

Danilo Oro, committee ‘s chairman, points out “it is a continuous effort, where we can say that in our workshop fourth version things have improved remarkably, establishing links with other institutions. This has been generated by the participation and teamwork of the people who make up the committee and the availability of Talcahuano headquarters to collaborate in this type of activities. ”

Universidad de Concepción guests were, Margarita Marchant ,Dean of Natural and Oceanographic SciencesFaculty, with a talk about foraminifera and its importance as indicator organisms; and Professor Eduardo Tarifeño, who presented the history of technical and university education in marine sciences and shared his experience as a permanent member of the National Fisheries Commission.

The presentations of Talcahuano IFOP headquarters workers were an excellent opportunity to disseminate the work done in the institute. The speakers included researchers, field coordinators; scientific observers; Ruth Hernández, Cristian Villouta, Camilo Mardones, Aldo Poblete, Heraldo Álvarez, Hans Rojas, Judith Castillo, Danilo Oro, Braulio Acuña.

Classes and workshops were developed in different topics focused on marine species identification (fish, mammals, birds, mollusks, crustaceans and reptiles) and description of main resources closures in our area. These topics are fundamental for our scientific observers formation and continuous improvement . Finally, the workshop ended with a review of our headquarters updated emergency plan . ”

A Photography contest was held during the workshop, as part of the activities scheduled for the 55th IFOP Anniversary Celebration. The photographic contest consisted of three categories: nature, work in the field and playful work. The photographs will be kept on permanent display in the IFOP building in Talcahuano.

Finally, Cornejo added “I congratulate our workers from Talcahuano headquarters, who, through the formation of the organizing committee, have managed and carried out the workshops successfully. I thank all the participants for sharing their work. In the future we will send information to organize the V version of the Talpahuano IFOP Internal Workshop, to which we will invite the entire IFOP community to participate”.

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