IFOP held a Red Tide workshop
22 May, 2019

IFOP held a Red Tide workshop

May 28th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On May 14th , in Los Alerces auditorium from the Chilean Security Association (ACHS) in Puerto Montt, Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes Regions, Red Tide Management and Monitoring program closing XII meeting ” was held. Version 2018-2019 “.

The workshop showed carried out work between the period of March 2018 to February 2019 (without prejudice to the results obtained since 1996 in the Monitoring initiated in Punta Arenas), in addition to new results obtained on the basis of research conducted in Puerto Montt, Aysén and Punta Arenas CREAN laboratories . In total, 10 presentations were made, which addressed various issues about Alexandrium catenella, main species of toxic microalgae in our country, allowing to know its current spatio-temporal distribution particularly in Corcovado Gulf and adjacent sectors, as well as genetic studies on its plasticity phenotypic and specific molecular markers, eco-physiological rates, and modeling in Patagonian fjords. In addition, topics on genus of microalgae with a high ecosystem impact, such as Karenia, Azadinium, Amphidoma and Pseudochatonella, were explained. To close, a characterization was made for the second consecutive year about the distribution of inorganic nutrients in surface waters in the regions of Los Lagos, Aysén and Magallanes.

A synthesis was also made referring to researchers high participation from Harmful Algal Studies Center (CREAN) in national (ie Marine Sciences) and international congresses (ie International Conference Harmful Algae, ICHA), talks open to general public work tables, participation, scientific articles publication in high impact journals and alliances with research institutes at national and international level.

The workshop had a considerable assistance, highlighting the participation of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA), Undersecretary of Economy and Small Businesses, SEREMI Salud Los Ríos and Los Lagos, Universidad Austral de Chile, Technical Laboratories, Companies and General Public.

Through Twitter social networks (@crean_ifop) and Facebook (Crean Ifop) the presentations will be available for downloading them..

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