IFOP held a course on “Biology and ecology of cephalopods”.
20 November, 2023

IFOP held a course on “Biology and ecology of cephalopods”.

November 23rd, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On November 15th and 16th, at IFOP San Antonio headquarters. “Cephalopods Biology and ecology” course was held. Scientific observers from Coquimbo, San Antonio, Maule, Lebu, Coliumo and Talcahuano participated.

The course aim was to review latest biological cephalopods related research, with emphasis on Dosidicus gigas species. Also emphasizing topics such as reproduction, age and growth, distribution and habitat.

In addition, the workshop had a practical part where attendees could see various species of octopuses and cephalopods specimens. Observers were able to identify taxonomic keys, stages of statoliths maturity and extraction.

Cuttlefish or Humboldt squid is endemic to the Pacific Ocean eastern region and is found from Alaska to Aysen Region in our country. It is a large voracious and opportunistic predator, feeding on fish such as common hake, horse mackerel, lantern fish, some crustaceans, other squid, in addition to practicing cannibalism.

Karen Belmar, Head of cuttlefish fishery in Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Ñuble and Biobío regions and Cuttlefish in Chile IFOP-GEF Biological Study Program Head Monitoring Head explained “this course has great relevance for knowledge updating both for observers and researchers who work with such an important resource in our country and it presents us with a great challenge, which is in line with increasing and improving biological information on cuttlefish in Chile.”

The workshop was given by Christian Ibáñez, Doctor of Science with a major in ecology and evolutionary biology, currently a professor at Universidad Andrés Bello. Ibáñez has extensive experience working with cephalopods and currently his line of research is focused on marine animals’ ecology and evolution with marine invertebrates’ s special attention.

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