River shrimp workshop is held by  IFOP
6 August, 2021

River shrimp workshop is held by IFOP

August 7th, 2021 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

IFOP organized ” Cryphiops caementarius river shrimp resource Regulation and Management Experiences : Chile and Peru fishery sustainability learned lessons and perspectives ” workshop; activity developed within the framework of Coquimbo Region GORE project called: “Aquaculture Fishery Strategy (EPA) for northern river shrimp (Cryphiops caementarius) Consolidation Program in Choapa River watershed”.

IFOP Professionals, Instituto del Mar de Peru (IMARPE) and Arequipa Regional Production Management participated. The activity objective focused on resource and its fishery research and management sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Workshop topics were: Habitat characterization and resource’s associated relevant environmental factors . Fishery population assessments and monitoring. Regulatory framework and governance.

Dr. Francisco Cárcamo Vargas Repopulation and Culture Department Head explained “River shrimp is a southern Peru and northern Chile rivers endemic species. Although Peru extraction volumes are significantly higher than in our country, in rivers such as Choapa, the extraction of this resource constitutes an important source of economic income for local communities, in addition to being an activity with a strong cultural component. It is important to highlight that IMARPE carries out population and environmental monitoring for this resource for more than 20 years, which has allowed to organize its fishery and users, and to define management actions based on scientific knowledge. Sharing knowledge and experiences with researchers from Peru allows us to specify future strategies and actions to order and manage this fishery in Chile, in addition to facing pressures derived from drought, climate change, and anthropic activities ”.

Álvaro Wilson, IFOP Researcher, added “the Institute, in its role as State adviser on these issues, responded to Coquimbo Regional Government request to execute FNDR project, which included proposing a Fishery Management Plan. This led us to prepare an associated Legal Modification Proposal since, without it, the Management Plan proposal would not have the possibility of being implemented. All with the purpose of contributing to both the resource and its fishery sustainability. The latter was already delivered and formally presented at a workshop last April to Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretariat , who promised to study it and advance on the issue as far as possible.

Last Monday’s workshop held with IMARPE and Arequipa Regional Government Regional Production Management (regulatory and supervisory body), helped us to know first-hand how some of proposals, both in Fisheries Management Plan , as in its associated regulatory framework proposal which have been in force for more than a decade for this same resource in Peru, they have been implemented and received by users ”.

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