IFOP offers elevators rescue course for its workers in Valparaíso
24 August, 2017

IFOP offers elevators rescue course for its workers in Valparaíso

August 25th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

An elevators rescue course was offered by Carlos Rodríguez IFOP Risk Prevention Coordinator in Valparaíso, who explained that “this activity is part of the training program of the IFOP Emergencies Brigade (Brigem) and whose main pillars are constant and operative practice of different situations that could be faced by a Brigadier, this time the chosen theme was lift rescue, the main idea of ​​this instruction is that the participants can get to know in a theoretical way, different emergency devices available in the elevator and how to operate them to achieve successful rescue.

On the other hand, this instruction will be complemented with practical exercises that will be carried out by Theysa.

Alejandro Fuenzalida, IFOP’s staff chief, added: “I feel that the most important thing about this activity is, on the one hand, to train and equip our emergency brigade with tools and techniques, while at the same time disseminating the team of colleagues work on this issue considering they are Part of the Brigade voluntarily, this must be known by their colleagues.

With this, we hope that IFOP’s staff feel more protected, altogether with self-care awareness and reinforce the Institution’s commitment for its workers. ”

Regarding the rescue itself, Rodriguez added, “the procedure consists basically of three stages; Cut power source, this is to be able to operate it manually, to move the cabin to the level of the nearest plant, to open the doors using the emergency key and to rescue the person.

The type of elevators that we have if it is true works through electric energy, it is rather a hybrid system that has some elements of the Hydraulic system.

Its operation is through a counterweight to the cabin, which is held by some pulleys, when cutting the electricity this can be operated manually in the same way that you could operate a Hydraulic, diffused technique in this exercise “

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