IFOP conducts talks with schoolchildren from Caleta Andrade and Puerto Aysén
25 June, 2019

IFOP conducts talks with schoolchildren from Caleta Andrade and Puerto Aysén

June 27th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

In Carlos Condell and Santa Teresa schools

A team of professionals from Fishing Development Institute traveled four hours on a catamaran from Aysén to Caleta Andrade, to give a talk at Carlos Condell school, about Aysén region’s coastline characteristics from different points of view: its richness in species, geomorphological, oceanographic aspects and its commercial activities.

Yessica Robles, IFOP researcher spoke with children about the island’s marine fauna “Many times when we talk about marine fauna, we only think of fish and aquatic organisms, however, there is a great diversity of other species, the invitation was to expand focus by observing what surrounds us. ”

María Fernanda Cornejo, a marine biologist from the Institute, talked with the students about different economic activities that take place in Huichas area around the sea, and how scientific research is done to improve the way these activities are carried out in a sustainable manner. minimizing impacts.

Romanet Seguel Rojas, added “I told them about our Aysenino coastline particularities , with emphasis on the region geography formation, what they are and how fjords and channels were formed, what are their differences and characteristics from circulation point of view and about biodiversity found in these areas. The reception of the students and the professors was positive, which granted us the possibility of taking advantage of this instance, offering the talk about our coast also to the faculty “.

“We appreciate your effort to move to this place so far away from urban centers, to share with our educational community at Carlos Condell School, along with the professional experience of their discipline, it helps us to understand our place from a broader perspective” added Carolina González, Teacher of the environmental committee, Carlos Condell School.

Another talk was held at Santa Teresa School in Puerto Aysén, ” Fjords what they are?”. “In the instance we talked about how our region was formed and what characteristics make it particular, its importance in species biodiversity and productive development impact on these ecosystems.

In this way Fisheries Development Institute contributes to Aysén commune and the coast to bring scientific knowledge to the community “concluded Romanet Seguel.

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