IFOP participated in 2nd Viña del Mar Cultural and Citizen Book Fair
18 December, 2023

IFOP participated in 2nd Viña del Mar Cultural and Citizen Book Fair

December 26th, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On December 13th and 14th, 2nd Cultural and Citizen Book Fair took place at Quinta Vergara in Viña del Mar. IFOP participated with a stand, in which it showed the institution’s work. The activity was attended by Viña del Mar’s Mayor Macarena Ripamonti, IFOP’s Director, Gonzalo Pereira, Carlos Kirkwood in charge of Marine Protected Areas of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (Sernapesca) and various local and municipal authorities. The world leader in innovation, Barbarita Lara, from Viña del Mar, also attended.

Children’s literature valuable texts for Viña del Mar’s first basic cycle municipal schools dependent on Municipal Corporation (CMVM), were donated by Barbarita Lara prominent researcher and social coder, with Penguin Random House Group Publishing House sponsorship, which were delivered to Mayor Macarena Ripamonti, within 2nd Cultural and Citizen Book Fair 2023 framework that took place at Quinta Vergara.

“This is the Cultural Book Fair second version that emerges to give different publishers, authors, local artisans, from the region and who also deserve the possibility a solemn space for those who do dedicated work, to deliver knowledge, to promote critical relationship through books,” highlighted the community leader.

He added that “we have received publishers donations and also from Barbarita Lara’s, who is a source of pride, a Chilean and Viñamarina woman, who has put women’s name in the name of generating innovation for public service. “An honor and a pleasure, we hope that this is the second version of many more book fair.s”
Meanwhile, the most influential researcher in the world, under 35 years old, said she was “very happy to be able to bring books to Municipal Corporation of Viña del Mar schools, because they are treasures that open our minds, that connect us with the world, with what other scientists are doing, tell them our story that there is local talent, the work that IFOP does, how important data is, of managing it and acquiring power from it.”

In this second version, Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) joined with socio-educational workshops around environmental care and awareness. Those attending the fair were able to learn about the ocean, its care, sea turtles, their habitat, threats they face, what they feed on. They were able to observe otoliths, which are calcareous structures found in the skull of fish (middle ear) and whose function is balance; however, when they grow in proportion to fish, they leave marks (concentric rings) that allow them to determinate their age. People were also able to enter the Humboldt Current Alert, Prediction and Observation (SAPO) system, where they could observe positive establishment of El Niño anomaly off Peru and Chile, discuss climatic change, and understand to maintain oceanographic information networks importance in real time.

Gonzalo Pereira, its Director, highlighted that “reading is a training basis from children, young people, to being a professional with different academic levels. Participating in this fair is very important for Fisheries Development Institute, since it allows us to do scientific dissemination to the community, our professionals in an entertaining and educational way deliver their knowledge to fair’s all visitors”


In its second version, the fair organized by CMVM had 34 stands from publishers, bookstores and universities, and was held free of charge on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th at Quinta Vergara’s main entrance, offering a literary promotion space for Viña del Mar families and surrounding communities.

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