IFOP Modernizes Its Server Platform
27 June, 2024

IFOP Modernizes Its Server Platform

July 3rd, 2024 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Did you know? IFOP has modernized its server platform where the systems used by the research areas, dependent on the Fisheries and Aquaculture Divisions, mainly reside. As well as, the systems that are part of the administrative, financial, accounting, management and human resources support, among others.

Within the strategic objectives of this Administration regarding modernization, the Department of Information Technologies, during the first quarter of 2024, has implemented the new virtual server platform, composed of a cluster of physical servers and storage. This platform is configured in high availability (fault tolerance) and has high industry standards for its operation. It is based on an HP infrastructure solution and a virtualization project. In practice, this has allowed IFOP to:

  • Reduce server obsolescence.
  • Introduce new technologies for server management based on virtualization.
  • Introduce new automated backup systems while you are working (hot).
  • It increased its memory, processing and storage capacities three times, for servers and new solutions.
  • Lay the technological foundations for the modernization of other systems and platforms. Example: implementation of
  • Business Intelligence solutions, on which work is already being done.
  • Allow progress with standards associated with the ISO 27001 Information Security standard.

It should be noted that IFOP has a significant number of physical and virtual servers. The modernization project contemplates the virtualization of most of these. It should be noted that to date over 90% of IFOP servers have been migrated. This technological activity represents a qualitative leap in the administration of our platforms, introducing market standards and top-level tools such as VmWare and Veeam Backup, among others.

The new IFOP platform was financed through a CORFO project with an investment of over 120 million pesos, awarded through public bidding.

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