IFOP develops  a  workshop  on “Sampling Protocols for  bycatch”, for scientific observers
17 April, 2019

IFOP develops a workshop on “Sampling Protocols for bycatch”, for scientific observers

April 23rd, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

For birds, mammals and sea turtles

On Friday, April 12th in Valparaíso, a workshop for scientific observers was held to review sampling protocols of species present in incidental capture of birds, mammals and marine turtles.

The workshop’s objective was focused on current species sampling protocols revision present as incidental capture in national fisheries (birds, mammals and marine turtles), with the aim of being able to improve existing procedures, articulate them and / or review eventual gaps in the subject.

Scientific Observers are technicians and professionals trained on data collection on fishing activities and biological sampling of captured species, on board vessels or at landing ports. Based on this information, IFOP scientists can generate knowledge and provide scientific advice required by fishing or aquaculture institutions of the country; in particular, the one required by the Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretariat, for sustainable management of our fisheries. They are designated, by resolution, by the Undersecretary of the branch and must be accredited year after year according to current regulations.

Erick Gaete Alfaro, Sampling Management Department Head, explained “the workshop we are organizing, is directly focused on data collection processes improvement, advancing both its standardization and its articulation, mainly in relation to sampling protocols, linking with electronic forms and protocolizing what is actually done on board. With regard to the scientific observers role, they are fundamental in our processes chain in order to provide comprehensive advice to the authority, in terms of being the first link in this chain that finally culminates with reports or delivered information given by the institution’s researchers to the Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretary as part of the provided comprehensive advice given by our institution, which is IFOP’s main mission. Carried out activities performed by our observers are diverse and are physically distributed from Arica to Puerto Williams. They are responsible for generating data to perform many of present and future research required by the institution. Currently, IFOP has 200 observers distributed throughout Chile ”

Cristián Villouta, IFOP Field Coordinator , referred to the workshop in terms of indicating that ” This activity central theme is to create or validate existing protocols in different fisheries, especially in the focus on birds and mammals incidental capture. This activity is fundamental to agree on how we are going to gather projects necessary information and to do it in a standardized way ”

The activity had Heads of Division active participation, Department Heads, Project Managers, Researchers, Statisticians, Coordinators (General and Field) and IFOP Scientific Observers , which allowed an integral and transversal view of considered topics, enriching analyzes and finally raised conclusions.

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