IFOP creates  a new format for its scientific newsletters
18 October, 2017

IFOP creates a new format for its scientific newsletters

October 19th, 2017 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

IFOP (Fishing Promotion Institute) has modernized its scientific newsletters and generated a more attractive new design, for its users. Leonardo Nuñez, IFOP Executive Director, about the bulletins he pointed out “the most remarkable thing is to begin a path towards a paradigm shift of how we understand and spread research we do in Chile. The knowledge process generation must be transparent, traceable and its results must be synthetic and presented in an attractive and intuitive way for all sectors of our society. ”

Dr. Carlos Montenegro, Chief Fisheries Evaluation Department, referred to the purpose of this new format “is to provide information and scientific-technical knowledge of fisheries and their resources, in a summarized way and in a visually attractive format. Our technical reports are usually extensive and have a format more similar to a technical document of high complexity, than one that tries to simplify obtained results.

With this it is possible that scientific-technical knowledge generated by our institute can reach many sectors of our country. If this knowledge becomes a document that can be consulted not only by fishery managers, inspection entities, fishery users and research centers, but also by reaching a more general public, such as basic education, media education and higher education, among others. In addition to the above, these documents allow us to carry our work beyond our borders, distributing them in research institutes that are part of our network of high-level aquaculture and fisheries research centers. ”

Erik Daza IFOP’s Head in Magallanes, added “the newsletters are a tool to spread our research role to the community. In its work teams it has involved the exercise of writing scientific and technical information of our Monitoring Programs in a more inclusive language.

Design support has allowed us to make a qualitative leap in graphics, images and photography showing in a more accurate way the work of researchers and scientific observers.

IFOP designers Natalia Golsman and Carolina Irarrazabal are responsible for making the transformations are; they expressed “the design of these graphic pieces is focused on believing that the image is the most direct way to represent an idea for that we create diagrams and infographics that facilitate communication and interpretation on the part of the recipient and thus contribute to the dissemination of the projects executed by IFOP using creative, aesthetic, practical and easy-to-read support.

To conclude researcher Antonio Aranis, indicated “the new document, provides a format of a more manageable and simplified size compared to the past, with a better quality of both paper and graphic design. This reflects that it has been thought for a more didactic and friendly approach, where you can find an effort in which each table and image is self explanatory with texts not recharged facilitating its reading, this doubtless will contribute to arrive at diverse users, without for that reason this contribution is of high cost. Finally, I congratulate the efforts of each working group to face positively the challenge of transferring know-how to the community. ”

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