IFOP collaborated in various educational activities organized by Explora to bring science closer to the community and to schoolchildren
22 October, 2018

IFOP collaborated in various educational activities organized by Explora to bring science closer to the community and to schoolchildren

October 26th, 2018 Mario Loyola

During October, Explora CONICYT program carried out a series of works aimed at bringing science closer to children and young people. IFOP participated this year in the Science Week celebrations in Coquimbo, Aysén and Magallanes.

On October 3rd , IFOP headquarters in Puerto Aysén participated in the 24th National Science and Technology Week “La Ciencia para la calle“, held at the Plaza de Armas in Coyhaique.

At this scientific divulgation Conference Environment department staff presented a stand called What is Red Tide? The instance was coordinated by Romanet Seguel IFOP’s researcher and the exhibitors were researchers working on various projects associated with red tides study: Luis Iriarte, Fernanda Cornejo, Yessica Robles, Sergio Martinez and Hernán Padilla.

“It was an approach to the student community and general public, which allowed them to know part of the work developed by the Institute does and its commitment to the community. What red tide is was explained in a didactic way, which are its generating agents, what are the effects produced on mankind and the environment. Harmful phytoplankton were shown through a microscope, presentations were shown on a monitor and videos related to the subject, harmful microalgae images were given out to be colored and the most enthusiastic participants were given bags, bowls, rules, notebooks made by the CREAN research center, in addition to disclosing the use of the I-FAN application “explained Romanet Seguel.

In Punta Arenas, IFOP participated in the Science Festival held on October 12th . In this event, a stand was set up to publicize the work of the Institute in the region and to promote environmental education. Attendees, mostly preschool and school children, were able to observe aquariums with typical species of the Region and in turn learn about the extraction methods along with the biology and ecology of the species.

In parallel, in Porvenir the gastronomic exhibition “Mar y Ciencia” was held for the second time. This meeting, organized jointly by IFOP and WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), aimed to bring science in a playful way through the senses. The students presented recipes and a poster with the biology, ecology and management of the main species of their dish. The awards were made in the auditorium of the Liceo Polivalente Hernando de Magallanes

On October 18th in Plaza de Armas (central square), was organized in La Serena city, CONICYT Explora Program Science and Technology Regional School Congress , an event that represents the final stage of a school scientific research process (ICE ) where teachers and students encourage Clubs creation, Academies, and others, to develop small investigations. Some belong ICE program with marine, astronomical and terrestrial academies, and they present works in Provincial Fairs, others come from other instances not attended by the Explora CONICYT Coquimbo Program.

For the third time IFOP Coquimbo’s headquarters Staff participated and accompanied this Congress organization process, at Sergio González Álvarez request, PAR EXPLORA CONICYT Coquimbo Director . It was another opportunity to share with all the people who visited the Congress and explain the work of our institution, under the question: Why should we care for marine species?

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