IFOP celebrates The  Month of the Sea with educational and cultural activities aiming to promote knowledge and marine ecosystem care.
27 May, 2024

IFOP celebrates The Month of the Sea with educational and cultural activities aiming to promote knowledge and marine ecosystem care.

May 27th, 2024 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Within the Month of the Sea’s framework, Puerto Aysén becomes epicenter of“Aysén Sumergido” fair, a day that has various institutions active participation institutions which carry out monitoring, research and cultural actions in Aysenino maritime area, promoting local marine ecosystems’s knowledge and conservation.

Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) announces the celebration of a commemorative Month of the Sea day in Puerto Aysén. The event, which will take place this May 27th at Puerto Aysén House of Culture, has as its main objective to promote reflexive thinking and appropriation on the seas and oceans importance in our daily lives, emphasizing monitoring, regulation and research activities carried out on Aysén’s coast and allow us to understand its processes, biodiversity, ecosystem’s state and its populations and to develop management actions.

During this day, various activities will be carried out .They will include a stand exhibition with educational, informative and artistic material and a rich cultural agenda for the entire community. The discussion “Immersing ourselves, studying and working in the sea” stands out, which will allow us to interact with different marine science professionals from both public and private spheres, learning about their training, interests and diversity of occupational field. There will also be the vision of local plastic artists Gianinna Toledo, Cristina Pustela and the Geopoética group of Puerto Aysén.

Alejandra Lafon, the Fisheries Development Institute’s Headquarters Head in Aysén Region, indicated “This month, IFOP celebrates 60 years generating, developing and transferring knowledge of high public value in the field of fishing, aquaculture and its environment. To celebrate and commemorate the Month of the Sea, we want to get closer to Puerto Aysén’s community and make visible part of our work and other entities action. In this way, we have invited various regional public and private institutions to participate and co-create a moment of dissemination and education for the student community and Puerto Aysén’s general public. The call has been successful, we will bring together science, regulation, culture, art and recreation in the marine environment of Aysén in a fair that we hope will have a high attendance.”

Also for Fisheries Undersecretariat through its Aysén’s Fisheries Zonal Directorate as the activity co-organizer, it is very significant to be able to disseminate and highlight regional maritime Aysenina’s community importance. Catalina Olavarría González, Fishing Zone administrator indicated “Although there is proximity to the sea, there is a lack of knowledge regarding institutions related to administration, sustainability and environmental health associated with fishing and aquaculture activities and how these are harmonized with different productive activities (trade, transportation, tourism), for comprehensive and harmonious development. This fair is very important for our institution and above all it is an opportunity for the Aysenina community and its educational establishments, since the initiative will be carried out for the first time in our commune and we hope to be able to establish it as a tradition, where the community finds a space of identity and integration with the husband.”

Another of the institutions that will participate in this important activity is Patagonian Research and Ecosystem Center (CIEP), in this sense Alexis Catalán, Deputy Director of Linkage and Transfer of this institution highlighted the importance of this instance.

“CIEP’s participation in activities such as ‘Aysén Sumergido’ is fundamental to our mission of bringing our researchers work closer to citizens. These instances allow us not only to share scientific knowledge about the Aysenino maritorio, but also to establish and strengthen links with various institutions.”

IFOP, as an organization committed to research, generation of knowledge and conservation of fishing resources, invites the entire community to join this day to learn, understand, reflect and act for the protection of our seas, in particular our beautiful inland sea of ​​Aysén.

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