IFOP attends coordination meeting of joint regional oceanographic research cruise
14 June, 2019

IFOP attends coordination meeting of joint regional oceanographic research cruise

June 18th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Every year between August and October, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru intervene i the cruise. Our country participates with IFOP oceanography and plankton group usig Abate Molina research vessel.

In Bogotá, Colombia, from May 27th to 31rd 2019, within the South Pacific Permanent Commission framework(CPPS, http://cpps-int.org/), which groups the pacific coast region countries , the MEETING OF THECOORDINATING COMMITTEE OF THE XXII REGIONAL CRUISE OF OCEANOGRAPHIC RESEARCH IN THE SOUTHEAST PACIFIC and the XII MEETING OF THE SPECIALIZED DATABASE WORKING GROUP (GTE-BD) OF THE REGIONAL CRUISES was held. In this call, the oceanographer Carolina Calvete, chief of CENDHOC Division of SHOA, and Hernán Reyes, head of the Oceanography Section, belonging to the Department of Oceanography and Environment (DOMA), of IFOP Valparaíso, represented Chile in the database group. , by the Regional Cruise Committee (CCR-ERFEN).

Among the activities scheduled for this meeting were two introductory courses, “Oceanographic Data Standardization Course” and “Oceanographic Data Management Course applying standards and best practices recommended by UNESCO-IOC-IODE”, taught by the Colombian Center for oceanographic data (CECOLDO). Within the framework of this annual meeting of the CCR-ERFEN, the document “Development of the Regional Climatology Project” was prepared by the task force formed by the national representatives of each state in this committee. The coordination of the regional cruise XXII, year 2019, in which Chile, Colombia Ecuador and Peru participate, will be in charge of Colombia, a position that was delivered by Chile (IFOP) that acted as coordinator of the XXI cruise (year 2018).

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