Flanders Marine Institute International Cooperation Head  visits Abate Molina scientific ship
6 November, 2023

Flanders Marine Institute International Cooperation Head visits Abate Molina scientific ship

November 15th, 2023 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

On Friday, November 3rd, Ann Katrien, in charge of Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) international cooperation, visited Abate Molina scientific vessel, in Valparaíso, and was received by IFOP’s Director, Gonzalo Pereira Puchy, by José Echeverría vessel’s Captain, they gave him a ship’s tour and explained what each of the scientific equipment is used for, he learned about the laboratories, the spaces that the ship has and that make it possible for workers to be on board for long periods of time.

Ann Katrien expresó “el Abate Molina es muy conocido a nivel mundial por el trabajo de investigación que hace, por la constancia por las grandes distancias que recorre para mí fue un gran honor poder visitarlo”
Pereira referred to Ann Katrien’s visit “is in charge of international cooperation at Flanders Belgium Marine Research Institute, we have had a collaboration agreement with this institute since April 2022, for a year and a half it has been a very fruitful relationship, since that 6 IFOP professionals have carried out internships in Belgium, in areas in which it has allowed us to learn about their work, ito mprove ourselves, to train ourselves and to exchange experiences, they carry out activities similar to ours, Ann’s invitation to the ship occurs in the context of a visit by Flanders delegation to Belgium, including with its Minister of Foreign Affairs who are going to visit Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas, therefore this is a way to further strengthen the cooperation ties between our two institutions. ”
Ann Katrien expressed “Abate Molina is well known worldwide by its research work, for perseverance and great travelled distances, for me it was a great honor to be able to visit this ship.”

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