IFOP researcher specializes in Monaco and France
2 November, 2022

IFOP researcher specializes in Monaco and France

November 7th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

Dr. Jurleys Vellojin Furnieles, participated in two specialization courses; one in Monaco on “Multiple stressors and ocean acidification”, she referred to the activity “ contents and capacities that were disseminated, are considered relevant and strategic for the lines of work and research that are currently being developed and implemented in our institution related to climatic change and adaptation and mitigation measures. Main benefits of getting involved in this course were acquiring new knowledge on key concepts related to ocean acidification and multiple stressors, acquiring updated knowledge on monitoring protocols and measurement of physical-chemical variables of seawater and relevant laboratory experiments. and field by experts with a long history in this area”.

The other course was held in Barcelonette, France, entitled “Hydrodynamic numerical modeling Training with CROCO ocean code”
Jurleys commented “It consisted of a theoretical activity and practical work which gave me the knowledge to start building your own configuration of Croco model (Coastal and Regional Ocean COmmunity model) in your area of ​​interest. The course’s content was relevant because it allowed me to acquire new updated knowledge related to the tools that are contained in CROCO model, which will be of great help for the activities related to one my work objectives, which is analysis and results interpretation of CROCO-PISCES (Pelagic Interactive Scheme for Carbon and Ecosystem Studies) biogeochemical model that is being developed for North Patagonia by IFOP Castro modeling team. The importance of carrying out this type of course should be highlighted to continue advancing in numerical modeling oceans knowledge , considering that they are potential tools for scientific knowledge necessary advancement for decision-making facing environmental contingencies (i.e., anoxic zones or harmful algal blooms).

Jurleys Vellojin Furnieles
, is a Professional in Aquaculture from Universidad de Córdoba, Colombia and PhD in Aquaculture Sciences from Universidad Austral de Chile; Her fields of interest are marine coastal systems biogeochemical dynamics and marine organisms response to climatic change associated stressors . She is linked to Castro IFOP observational oceanography and modeling group.

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