IFOP Director visits  Puerto Montt, Aysén and Punta Arenas headquarters
5 October, 2022

IFOP Director visits Puerto Montt, Aysén and Punta Arenas headquarters

October 11th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

From September 28th to 30th, IFOP Director, Gonzalo Pereira Puchy, toured IFOP’s Puerto Montt, Aysén and Punta Arenas headquarters; on the occasion, IFOP’s highest authority held meetings with the institution’s workers and with regional authorities.

The Board of Directors was held in Puerto Montt, in which the head of the Aquaculture Research Division, Dr. Leonardo Guzmán, presented to councilors the division’s current development, gaps and medium-term projections. In addition, the council became aware of the facilities and means available to address institutional tasks, councilors visited the land on which the new IFOP Puerto Montt headquarters will be built.

Gonzalo Pereira, with Claudio Maggi, President of IFOP Council, met with IFOP Puerto Montt Union leaders.

In Aysén he met with; Aysén Presidential Delegate, Dr. Rodrigo Araya Morales, Oscar Henríquez Sepúlveda ,Zonal Fisheries Director, Jorge Salfate, Aysén Provincial Presidential Delegate, and Puerto Aysén Mayor Julio Uribe, to coordinate joint projects and research for Aysén region linked to our institution’s work.

In Aysén, an agreement was also signed to create a photobook, called Mujeres de Mar, which highlights women’s work in artisanal fishing with photographs.

In Punta Arenas, the workers, together with Erik Daza headquarters’s head held a presentation called: “Strengthening Strategic Research for Fisheries and Aquaculture Sustainable Development Challenge in Magallanes and Chilean Antarctic Regions, Fisheries Development Institute role”. The objective was to show a diagnosis of the current state of fishing, aquaculture, Marine Protected Areas and the systematic research work that IFOP has carried out during the last 10 years in the region through the application for competitive funds (FIPA, FNDR, FONDEMA , WALTON) and the ASIPA Program, including a vision regarding human capital,strengthening, infrastructure and linkage. In this instance, professionals from Puerto Natales and Porvenir were also able to participate electronically, generating a conversation with Executive Director Gonzalo Pereira, Assistant Executive Directorate for Cooperation and International Affairs Daniela Díaz and Head of Information Technology Department Jaime González.

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