Chilean delegation participates in 8th International Conference on Fishing and Monitoring Observers.
8 September, 2016

Chilean delegation participates in 8th International Conference on Fishing and Monitoring Observers.

September 12th, 2016 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

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The activity was held in San Diego, United States and brought together over 250 delegates from 40 countries. There were representatives of Europe, South America (Peru, Chile), besides of United States, the organizer.

Between August 29 and September 2, the International Conference on Fishing and Monitoring Observers was held in San Diego, California (USA).

The activity is the main international forum for working on critical issues of scientific observer programs in fisheries, monitoring technologies and other new approaches for the collection of information regarding fishery.

The researchers on behalf of Chile: Dr. Rodrigo Vega, Msc Marcelo San Martin and Catalina Roman, of Instituto de Fomento Pesquero, Dr. Eduardo Aguilera, Sernapesca Region de los Lagos Head, and Luis Cocas of Subsecrretaría de Pesca y Acuicultura.

Marcelo San Martin, said “the conference was aimed at evaluating and getting to know the progress of monitoring programs carried in different countries around the world, considering the work and working scenarios of scientific observation on board, security and electronic monitoring. On the other hand, in the opportunity, the impacts of the information collected were highlighted and also it was presented how useful was for the knowledge of marine ecosystems, fisheries assessment and their associated species, in addition to the contribution to the ecosystem approach.

Regarding his presentations, jointly with Catalina Román; he said: “we show a work oriented to make public the discard program implementation in Chile, its main objectives, fisheries involved and expected results for demersal fisheries work. Special emphasis was given to the importance of the work of observers on board and the process undertaken to create the adequate conditions for monitoring discards and bycatch, which has also had a constant communication with users. Special interest was for the work we are accomplishing in Chile, due to the steps considered in the implementation of the research program and mitigation program, highlighting the strengths of any results generated and whose cases are not many in the world”.

Dr. Rodrigo Vega, presented the approach on pelagic discard program implementation and its relation to the collection of information from the observers.

Vega stressed “Chile was mentioned many times as one of the reference countries in addressing the issue of discard in general, since it has monitoring plans that have worked quickly, and the discard and by catch information collection is being carried out smoothly. On the other hand, they have the support from the administrative, scientific and legislative point of view. At the end of the activity, the researcher added that “the activity was very interesting and helps us to know the experience of other countries on the issue of discarding, it gives us another perspectives.”

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