Concón hosts  fun IFOP marine exhibition until Sunday
22 January, 2019

Concón hosts fun IFOP marine exhibition until Sunday

January 25th, 2019 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The exhibition called ” Sea Guardians ” was inaugurated on Tuesday at Concón Shopping Center with the visit of students from Oro Negro School

An interesting and educational summer activity, arrived at the City of Concón. This is the interactive exhibition ” Sea Guardians ” that travels through 4 cities of Valparaíso Region explaining visitors about the Ocean, its resources and how to take care of it. Inthis activity, attendees can learn about IFOP’s research carried out in fisheries and aquaculture; There are also interactive games so that children can be IFOP scientists for a few minutes.

The opening of this exhibition was held on Tuesday at the Concón Shopping Center, located at 1050 Magallanes Avenue, where it will remain open from January 22nd to 27th , from 10:30 and 18:30, free of charge.

This activity is organized by Fisheries Development Institute, together with Regional Valparaíso Government. IFOP, is a nonprofit private law corporation that has the mission of producing information and knowledge about the country’s marine resources for better management and care. This exhibition is part of “MARITIME AND HYDROLOGICAL HERITAGE THAT WALKS THE REGION OF VALPARAÍSO” project with GORE financing for $ 24,518,371

The exhibition is articulated in two containers, one dedicated to fishing and the other to aquaculture, the containers were delivered by the Chilean Maritime Heritage Corporation to the Fisheries Development Institute in order to spread IFOP´s activities, in the maritime field.

Luis Parot Donoso IFOP Executive Director referred to the presentation “the Fisheries Development Institute is dedicated to carrying out research on sea resources that are commercial exploitation subject, with the aim of advising the political authority, so that they take administration necessary measures that allow that; these resources are sustained over time, rationally exploited in order to ensure their sustainability in the long term, hence in a very simple concept we define ourselves as the guardians of the sea, we are in charge through scientific research to protect the resources so that they continue contributing to the development of the country in the long term ”

Manuel Millones Regional Counselor explained “this exhibition has already been presented at Villa Alemana and it was a success, it is a joint effort of the Regional Government, Fisheries Development Institute and participating municipalities, today we are in Concón and it is expected to have the same success we had in Villa Alemana, is an absolutely free alternative for the family and the message you want to deliver is to be the guardian of the sea; our nature is threatened by man, by pollution and here what is taught is to take care of our sea, to take care of our species and to have relevant information with state-of-the-art technology, therefore it is a very good activity so that children can attend and enjoy of knowledge, the sample has already been visited by more than 1500 people. ”

Monica Correa, itinerant exhibition’s monitor , stressed that “this exhibition aims to publicize the activities carried out by the IFOP with scientific and entertaining knowledge for the whole family”.

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