Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador united in oceanographic research
26 September, 2022

Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador united in oceanographic research

October 14th, 2022 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

From Antofagasta’s Port Abate Molina scientific vessel set sail on September 23rd for a 45-day cruise that will cover between the northern limit of the country and 26°S and up to a distance of 100 nm from the coast. Within the framework of the XXV Joint Regional Cruise, coordinated by the South Pacific Permanent Commission (CPPS)

The cruise’s execution is in charge of Oceanography and Environment Department (DOMA) of Fisheries Development Institute (IFOP) and the head of the cruise in its first half is the Oceanographer Hernán Reyes and in second place i charge it will be Dr. Jessica Bonicelli. This cruise will carry out an anchoveta resource survey in the area, for spawning stock evaluation, relevant information collected by IFOP for fishing management, and, on the other hand, in a scientific aspect, it will collect oceanographic information within the framework of the XXV regional cruise set coordinated by CPPS.

Hernán Reyes explained “The CPPS joint regional cruise objective where Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile participate in a coordinated manner, is to obtain oceanographic and meteorological information in Southeast Pacific during the months of September and October. With this, a complete oceanographic conditions monitoring of an extensive maritime area is obtained within the framework of El Niño a regional process research that is in its cold La Niña phase. The results of this joint international and regional cruise, a report prepared by the four 4 countries, will be presented by the Chilean delegate (IFOP) to the national representatives of each country that make up the ERFEN Regional Scientific Committee of the CPPS. This meeting is scheduled to take place next December in the city of Santiago de Chile”.

Sixteen professionals, including researchers and technicians, participate in the bio-oceanographic cruise to carry out an intense sampling plan in physical, chemical and biological oceanography that will complete a total of 142 oceanographic stations and 799 anchovy egg sampling stations

Among oceanography activities, physical variables temperature and salinity up to a maximum depth of 1000 m sampling and water sampling at various depths for oxygen analysis, chlorophyll, nutrients and phytoplankton stand out. In the biological component, an intense sampling of zooplankton and phytoplankton is carried out. In a complementary way, an acoustic survey of pelagic resources and recording of meteorological data are carried out. Marine mammals sighting is also carried out, by personnel specially dedicated to it, during all the days of the cruise, when the sea conditions allow it. The final call of the R/V Abate Molina is expected on November 5th in Valparaíso.

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