Abate Molina Scientific Vessel sailed off north for anchovy researchh trip
12 February, 2020

Abate Molina Scientific Vessel sailed off north for anchovy researchh trip

February 14th, 2020 Periodista Gabriela.Gutiérrez

The scientific expedition is led by the fishing engineer Francisco Leiva, the captain of the ship is Enrique Quiero

Yesterday, February 11th, at 5 pm and for 27 days, a team of 29 professionals and technicians from IFOP Fisheries Development Institute sailed off from Valparaíso, aboard the B / C Abate Molina, with the aim of; Characterize and evaluate existing anchovy stock between the Atacama region and the Coquimbo region, using hydroacoustic method, during the maximum recruitment period.

The specific objectives are:

  • To estimate size of anchovy resource stock and its spatial distribution in the fishery maximum recruitment period.
  • To characterize and analyze in a space-time context, through biological indicators, evaluated stock demographic composition and interannual variation.
  • To characterize and analyze study area present oceanographic conditions and their relationship with resources spatial distribution.
  • To characterize anchovy aggregations in the area and period of study.
  • To determinate stomach content and to sort anchovy specimens trophic behavior in the area and study period.

Ecological information survey in order to advance to a fisheries management based on ecosystems. Phase II: Analysis in temporal and spatial context of species main groups, present in acoustic echograms from 2003 up to date.
A report on this resource’s status will be made with the scientific cruise obtained information .

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