Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives

Updated: Tuesday March 27th, 2018
March 27th, 2018 IFOP


To be recognized as the guarantor and technical referent in fisheries and aquaculture research applied to the sustainable use of aquatic resources and their environment.



To support political decision-making of the nation’s institutional fishing policy by developing scientific and technical background necessary for public value regulation and conservation of fishery, aquaculture and ecosystems resources.


Strategic Objectives


  • Generate and provide knowledge and scientific information of essential public value to define regulatory measures that strengthen the sustainability and production of aquatic resources, industrial and artisanal fisheries exploitation and aquaculture.
  • Ensure the dissemination, updating, backup and quality of public information generated by IFOP.
  • Provide qualified technical support in safeguarding the country’s best interests in national and international instances for fisheries and aquaculture.