Sampling Management Department (DGM)

Updated: Tuesday November 22nd, 2022
November 22nd, 2022 IFOP


To provide necessary information and data in quantity, quality and opportunity to cover all the requirements made to the Department by the different research programs carried out by the institution ”


  • To organize, manage and operationalize information gathering on industrial craft board and craftfishing, landing sites and processing plants according to the requirements of the different research programs carried out by the Institute.
  • Carry out information and data gathering with a spatial and temporal coverage in accordance with the requirements raised by the Department, whether on board ships or vessels, landing sites or fishing product processing plants.
  • Guarantee that the records and data obtained by the Department represent reliably and effectively the activity and biological-fishing characteristics of the studied hydrobiological resources.

    Erick Gaete Alfaro (Head of department)

    Erick Gaete Alfaro

    Erick Gaete Alfaro

    Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile) Fishery Engineer and Master in Management and Environmental Audits in Marine Science and Technology from the University of León (Spain), with participation in projects in the fisheries and aquaculture area since 1998 in functions associated with research , control, management, execution and logistics in the various initiatives developed.
    Among additional tasks carried out in previous periods, Teaching in the courses of Engineering in Aquaculture and Fisheries Engineering (PUCV), Project Evaluation, exhibitions of work developed in fisheries topics in Argentina (INIDEP) and Brazil (SINDIPI-UNIVALI), as well as an advisor and expert in the assembly and construction of copper alloy mesh systems for the cultivation of salmonids (Empresa ECOSEA Farming SA) and author / co-author of several publications in the field of Fisheries Science.