Work Team DTI

Updated: Tuesday November 5th, 2019
November 5th, 2019 IFOP

Karen Olave Diaz

Computer Systems Execution Engineer, responsible for supervising and coordinating programmer analysts of Department of Information Technologies team, in order to meet requirements associated with software development and programming required by different IFOP units.
Featured projects in which she participates:

  • ERP Financial Management System
  • Self-Service System
  • Expert Data Correction System
  • Data Entry System


Joseph Blamey Meenen

Computer engineer in charge of information systems analysis and programming in fishery area, with extensive experience in various programming languages and database, in order to comply with IFOP internal customers’ requirements .

Graciela Manquehual Providel

Computer Systems Execution Engineer , with more than 15 years of experience in IT and 7 years in IFOP, occupying a Databases Administration position , procuring databases good technical and administrative performance, access, integrity and retrieval aspects. Also noteworthy is the participation of projects from Bentónic surveillance, Amerb, Marea Roja surveys, Multiplatform data entry system development among the most outstanding.

Cecilia Elgueta Olmedo

Computer Technician, in charge of providing necessary support to users in different institutional use applications. To be a communication nexus between users and those in charge of applications to give a quick and opportune solution to inconveniences that could be generated.