Information Technology Department (ITD)

Updated: Tuesday May 24th, 2016
May 24th, 2016 IFOP


Provide information required in investigations by the institution and maintain fisheries , Oceanographic and originated in the National Aquaculture Research DATA BASE. Also provide Computer Support and Development of the Organization.


  • Develop and maintain information systems that incorporate tools to support the implementation and management of internal processes .
  • Design and develop technological tools that allow Remote Services Implementation ( virtual ) for External Users of the Institute.
  • Implementing and Managing a technology platform that allows IT services provide High Availability , Security and Reliability .
  • Manage and maintain Support Services for internal users in order to maintain operational continuity of your team and Technological Services .

Products / Strategic Processes

  • Systems Development : analyze, design and develop computer system and monitor those who are responsible for external counterparties .
  • Resources management : Manage and ensure the availability of networks , communication , servers and workstations .
  • User support : To prevent, maintain and fix hardware , software and connectivity Institutional workstations of officials , so as to provide timely institutional products .
  • Maintenance of the National Repository Databases: Design and management of data emanating from each research project generated by the IFOP , kept under high security standards and support.

Andrés García Fuentes (Head of Department)


Andrés García Fuentes

Industrial engineer of great experience , by the Department of Information Technology , whose mission is to manage the databases generated in research activities and monitoring of fisheries and aquaculture , indicated in No. 20,657 Law also efficiently and effectively manage resources, technological infrastructure and institutional services through the administration, maintenance and development of computer information systems and services that support the processes performed by internal users and obtaining data by external users.